Fitness Tracker (Web Application)



The user will be able to:

- Sign up / Log in
- Check in worked out today? (true/false)
- View their daily, weekly and monthly stats
- Profile Page


Assuming a basic wordpress backend UI, the site admin will be able to sort the table of tracking data by "user id" or "date tracked", clicking the view on an entry will redirect the admin to view the selected graph (timeline). Using a table as a base display model for potential future feature extension (edit entry, remove entry, other entry specific workout tracker actions).

Implemented as a plugin to make it portable for future installs as the main website/business develops. Will be plug and play including managing creation and deletion of the custom "workout_tracker" table on activation/uninstall respectively. Meaning if the client wants to disable the functionality but not lose the data they can simply deactivate" the plugin and remove the shortcodes.

Shortcode Components:

1) Workout Tracker Submission Form (Allows a user to add the current day to their tracker.)
2) Weekly Tracker Results (1 week of dates with Yes/No icons, navigate weeks by arrow)
3) Monthly calendar showing dates worked out/not worked out (simple using, if needing more advanced pro needs to be purchased)
4) Weekly and Monthly progress in the form of % of dates worked out (ex: Month of June 2821 is 88%)

Plugin Pages and Features (not mentioned in Shortcodes and Database):

1) Admin page with table of all workouts tracked (Date, User ID)
2) Admin can view specific user workout data
3) Redirect users on login to the "Tracker" page with track today button and graphs
4) All shortcodes should be inactive when user not logged in


Saim has now worked on several projects for me and continues to drive high quality work. Saim is incredibly reactive and will proactively solve problems and find solutions. My latest website had an incredibly tight deadline, Saim pulled out all the stocks and made sure it was delivered on time and within budget. I would have no hesitation in recommending Saim.

Michael James


A web application built with a wordpress CMS in order to track user fitness progress throughout their week, month and year.