Payroll Automation


When we run payroll we want to pay our employees the visit rate + documentation bonus + mileage reimbursement per visit. This amount per visit per employee comes from another software and can be export as a CSV. For Each employee we sum up the total and add to our payroll sheet.

The amounts from the CSV are summed up manually per employee and added by hand into the payroll sheet. We then update a few other columns per employee on the payroll sheet. The payroll sheet has formulas which help us determine total gross pay and reimbursement. We then take this information and update our payments into our payroll provider.

We use google sheets + google drive to do this process by hand.

We are looking for a Javascript developer to help us automate a part of this process. The process is well defined and requires someone who has good working knowledge to help us bring some automation to the process. You must have the following skills and demonstrable experience.

I hired Saim late last year (2020) to support us in developing a POC which would prove out a massive change to our payroll process. Changing payroll is no easy feat. Saim worked with me diligently first to understand the process. We went through many hours of reviewing the process. What I found amazing in this first phase was how sharp Saim was in picking up on the small details. I rarely had to explain something multiple times, and if I did it was warranted because the topic required detailed analysis and review.

This process was a critical change in our systems so I had to have faith that someone could do this job thoroughly and be there to support us through the various changes which would surely come after the initial project was complete. I will be honest that there was a time when I felt things were going down a bad path because I had difficulty in communicating with Saim. Automatically I was worried and wondered if this is the typical scenario of someone getting a better gig and moving on from his commitment. This was NOT THE CASE AT ALL. Saim communicated thoroughly with me in-regards to some person concerns and alleviated any fears I had. THIS IS THE TRUST I NEEDED from him.

I am a coder myself so I know to be very picky and can spot issues pretty quickly. I find that Saim built the code in a fairly modular fashion. Initially the comments on the code were lacking but once I clarified the need for detailed comments so I could read the code and update it if needed Saim ensured this was done.

We are now almost a year into our project and I continue to utilize Saim's services. He is a great asset for me to upgrade the payroll process which he helped build for us.

I would highly recommend Saim to anyone who is looking for a sharp coder, who can quickly understand your process and make an impact.


  • January, 2021

Bi-weekly payroll Automation using Google API and Google Sheet, NodeJS