Property Management System


Job Description: To create a property management atmosphere that will contain the following pages:


1. Add New: A page where the properties are uploaded via an XLSX input form

2. Remove Duplicate: A page where the duplicates are fetched from the DB and removed, if any.

3. Download New: A page where the new properties will be pulled based on the parameters given on the page from the DB and exported on an Excel sheet.

4. Upload Updated: A page where the Up-to-date properties data is imported via an excel sheet.

5. Export Updated: A page where you would query records based on parameters as shown in screenshot attachment and export and updated version of properties to work on further.

6. Overview: Database overview page where all the database statistics could be seen on a click of button. You have almost all the parameters from the DB tables to filter from.



- The duplicate removal part was the most challenging part where the entries were matched based on database custom column(s).
- Database overview page has most of the queries from MySQL and thus was resulting in a slower response, a part from that an Excel export function for each record was making it hard to get a response in time. Optimized the overview page for DB queries and also separated the Excel export feature so that load time is distributed to make the application more seamless.


  • June, 2020

A simple database management script.